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How to meet Colombian girls in Bogota

You must have heard a lot about Colombian women. They are sexy, gorgeous, educated, and caring. The combination may seem too good to sound but it is a reality. Ask anyone who has ever dated a Colombian and you would know the truth. If this makes you long to date a Colombian, you are not alone. Plenty of men head to Colombia to meet the stunning girls. Where do they go to meet the girls? How do they find the right Colombian girl? Is there any formula to impress the girls? If all these questions are hovering in your mind, we are here for you.

Bogota – the best place to meet gorgeous Colombian girls

Your quest for Colombian girls must begin from Bogota, the capital and the largest city of Colombia. It is also the third largest city in Latin America. This makes it the home of plenty of young and modern girls. Being a large metropolis, the people are more liberal. Mingling with foreign men and getting into casual relationships is not looked down upon. In fact, many college-going young students prefer to stay in Bogota to enjoy the nightlife and date western guys for fun and excitement.

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However, don’t expect that you would get down from the flight and beautiful women of Bogota would be rushing towards you. No, you have to find the girls and impress them. So, there is a lot of work at hand. Let us begin with finding the right place to stay and hunt for the girls.

Know Bogota

Just like other Latin American cities, Bogota is not totally safe. There are pockets which are hostile and inappropriate for travelers. So, you should choose carefully where to put up. The safe places to stay are Zona Rosa, Parque, and La Candelaria. However, these areas are also not safe at night. So, you should not venture out alone.

Things to know about Bogota girls

Before you get into action, you need to prepare yourself to ensure your success in luring Bogota girls. There are certain things you need to know. Bogota ladies are beautiful and stunning and most young ones look for fun. Knowing Spanish would help you to hook girls easily. Knowing only English would not take you far with the girls.

If you know salsa, it’s better. Bogota girls are crazy about dancing and you need to know to shake your legs to be able to take them in your arms. Let’s plan how to meet single girls in Bogota now.

Meeting girls in Bogota

Bogota , ColombiaLike every other city, Bogota has different types of girls. Some of them are looking for serious relationships while others seek fun. There are hookers and bar girls who would entertain you in lieu of money. So, you need to decide what type of girl you are looking for. Let’s begin with the young and educated girls who can be ideal long-term partners.

The public places like malls and cafes are the best places to meet a lot of girls. It would be easier for you to approach them. Ask them to share a cup of coffee with you. Converse on topics like the city or find out good places to dine and soon you would be having a lot of friends in Bogota.

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The few malls where you can try your luck are Unicentro Bogota and Centro Comercial Andio. Apart from these, there are other places like restaurants and cafes where at night a lot of young girls come to unwind. La Candeleria and Zona Rosa are the areas where a lot of shopping complexes are located. These are the areas where professional and decent women can be seen in large numbers.

At Zona Rosa, there are nightclubs and bars too. These are the best places to meet the young and vivacious Colombian ladies.

If you are lucky you can pick a girl easily from the malls or the restaurants. Colombian girls are nice to spend time with. They are generally educated and want to learn more. Your Colombian girlfriend would be the best person to suggest good places to hang out with her. Zona Rosa has plenty of such places which are ideal for dates. Have dinner together, visit the bars for a couple of drinks and try to know your partner better.

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Colombia your dating paradise for meeting an exotic woman.

Do you want to spice up your sex life? Are you looking for instant fun and excitement? Just spend a few hours in the bars and nightclubs and you would be meeting girls who are ready to spend some time with you. Young and attractive, these girls are nice and ready to spend the nights with you also. There would be prostitutes also in the bars and if you are willing to shell out money choose the right girl and take her to your hotel.

Bogota is a nice place to spend a vacation. Along with a Colombian girlfriend, you would have a lovely time here.

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